JFP Enterprises Inc. can work with your plans or develop a team to help you to turn your visions into reality. We have completed several new constructions and renovations of various sizes and pride ourselves on being on time and on budget. A sampling of our projects include: Process Facilities, Churches, Condominiums, Schools, and Water and Sewer Systems. Our customers find our compressed schedules extremely helpful in minimizing finance costs and being able to utilize their buildings sooner.


We are a full service industrial contractor with expertise in Pharmaceutical, Hydro, Pulp and Paper, and Mining facilities. Within these industries, we specialize in high priority, fast track, schedule driven projects. It is our mission to provide full project scheduling, including all construction trades, to ensure on time completion. We utilize Microsoft Project, but can easily interface with any scheduling platform that you may require.


Some of the services that we are able to provide in this aspect of construction are storefronts, office upgrades, and fixturing. Typically we work back from the required turnover date and effectively resource load to meet our customer’s needs and expectations.